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This summer, our tutors will seek to help you get started with the college application process, from prepping for standardized testing to thinking about financial aid. Example sessions may include brainstorming college essay ideas, working through drafts of the college essay, understanding the Common App and its components, demystifying the financial aid process, helping you explore schools, building study habits for testing, and more.

Please email if you have any questions.


After you fill out the sign-up form above, a member of our administrative team will match you with an available tutor. Before we give the tutor your contact information, we ask that our tutors complete a brief training and confirm that they are able to tutor. The tutor will reach out to you by email about setting up a time that works for you, so please keep an eye on your inbox!

Based on demand, these sessions may meet in small groups as opposed to one-on-one to encourage peer workshopping. Sessions will be led by a tutor. Many of our tutors recently graduated from local high schools and have gone off to top-tier universities, including Harvard and Cornell.

When filling out the sign-up form, please provide as much information as possible to help us match you with a tutor whose experience aligns most closely with your goals.

Suggested Donations

We realize that as summer approaches, many rising high school seniors may be seeking the unique mentorship and advice offered by our tutors, many of whom have recently graduated from the same high schools and gone off to top-tier universities, including Harvard and Cornell.

If you do not necessarily fit the demographic that DOT strives to serve (i.e. you have the financial means to seek other resources), but would still like to sign up with DOT, we suggest a rate of $15 per session, or as much as you are able. We do not verify your financial status and instead abide by the honor system so as to eliminate pressure from families who are currently unable to donate. 


Donate here.

50% of all donations will go to The Education Trust , which utilizes advocacy, policy, and research to provide long term solutions for systemic educational inequities faced by communities of color or living in poverty.

The remaining 50% of donations will go to the Boys and Girls Club of Newburgh and Poughkeepsie, which regularly provides programming in the academics, arts, and athletics for children in our local communities.