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If you are an undergraduate or high school student, we welcome you to join our tutoring network! Time commitment is truly as little or as much as you would like (generally only a few hours a week), and you can sign up to tutor only in the subjects you feel comfortable. We find that most tutors can be helpful to young kids just by acting as a source of encouragement and accountability. 

At this time, we are still seeking new tutors to join us in offering college prep services and summer enrichment.

We know these are some crazy times, and we're thankful that you've even taken the time to check out this endeavor. Join us in doing what we can for the local community while maintaining social distance!

Sign up here to be a tutor. 

REsources for tutors

Nervous about tutoring? We've got you covered. Starting this summer, we are providing resources for tutors, such as lesson and activity ideas, example curricular, best practices, how to address common scenarios, how to make the most of Zoom, and more. 

Click on the dropdown menu under "for tutors" to see all of our resources!